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The enterprise has a modern scientific, technical and production base. The staff of the enterprise consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the design, manufacture and repair of complex units of turbocharged equipment.

Our enterprise has certified welding technologies:

  • boiler equipment KO (1,2) – RD;
  • pipelines within the UKPG, CS, NPS, SPHG, DKS, GDS, UZRG, PRG, etc., with the exception of pipelines providing transportation of gas, oil and gas production equipment oil and oil products NGDO (4) – RAD
  • equipment for chemical, petrochemical, oil refining and explosive and fire hazardous objects OHNVP(8) – RD;
  • in the manufacture, installation, repair and reconstruction of technological pipelines and pipeline parts OHNVP (16) – RD;
  • metal structures SK (1) – RD;
  • rebar, reinforcement and embedded products of reinforced concrete structures SK (2) – RD.

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