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About Gasturbotek LLC

Gasturbotek LLC is a unique enterprise, which specializes in the production of high-tech, special equipment for the gas, oil/gas and chemical industries, while solving the assigned tasks, the peculiarities of each industry and operating conditions are taken into account.

Gasturbotek LLC has highly qualified staff and modern production equipment.

Main area of work:

  • Сomprehensive solution of problems in the field of operation of mechanical seal systems of centrifugal superchargers, compressors, gas and steam turbines, pumping units;
  • Manufacturing of dry-running gas seals, measuring and monitoring control panels;
  • Performs comprehensive work on the reconstruction of compressors with the transfer from outdated systems of face oil seals to dry-running seals;
  • Manufacturing of mechanical seals for compressor and pumping equipment;
  • Repair and maintenance of magnetic levitation system for centrifugal compressors;
  • Production and supply of spare parts;
  • Service works, repairs, technical consulting and staff training in the field of activity of our company;

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The enterprise has a modern scientific, technical and production base. The staff of the enterprise consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the design, manufacture and repair of complex units of turbocharged equipment. It enables a wide range of world-class mechanical seal systems to be produced for different branches of industry. The company has implemented a quality management system that is based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

The closed-loop cycle production allows for step-by-step quality control: from design to testing of finished products.

Gasturbotek LLC also has a high-tech service center that allows to carry out maintenance of the DGS, including inspection, repair, tests for static and dynamic loads on a stand that simulates the real operating conditions of gas seals in a compressor. It is an advantage for our customers, as it creates the ability to inspect and repair seals without sending equipment out of the country, which saves time and costs of customers.

The specialists of Gasturbotek LLC received training and production practice at the leading enterprises of the world manufacturers of dry-running gas seals in England and Germany. Our regular partners and customers include such leaders of the Russian fuel and energy complex as Gazprom PJSC, Novatek PJSC, Northgas CJSC, Novourengoy Gas Chemical Complex LLC, LUKOIL PJSC, SIBUR PJSC, ROSNEFT PJSC, TAIF Group and others.

During their activity, the specialists of Gasturbotek LLC have achieved positive results in working with their customers, demonstrating high competence and efficiency in decision-making in the field of application and operation of DGS as a part of turbocharged equipment, as well as in carrying out the work on service and repair.