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Shaft alignment

Our enterprise provides services for the alignment of shafts and alignment of drives of mechanisms on the latest laser system Fixturlaer nxa:
  • Shaft alignment of horizontal machines
  • Shaft alignment of vertical machines
  • Shaft alignment of several connected machines (shafting)
  • "Soft paw" - the function of checking the condition of the paws and their adherence to the frame (casing ) of the machine

List of work performed by type:

 Alignment of the pump, alignment of the centralized pumping system, alignment of the electric motor, alignment of the pump with the electric motor, alignment of the motor with the unit, alignment of the shafts of electric motors and working machines, alignment of coupling  joints, alignment of the half-couplings,  alignment of gear tooth-type couplings, alignment of flanges, alignment of the finger-type coupling, alignment of the engine,  alignment of the wheel (motor ship), unit alignment, pump unit alignment, ship shaft line alignment, propeller shaft alignment, shaft line  alignment on ships, reduction gear alignment, generator alignment, internal-combustion engine alignment, generator-engine alignment, compressor alignment, electric motor and compressor alignment, machine shaft alignment, alignment of the turbines, fan alignment, rotor alignment, motor alignment, pulley alignment, belt gear alignment, mill alignment, knife alignment, electrical machine alignment, flywheel alignment, drive alignment, subshaft alignment, vertical pump alignment, smoke exhauster alignment, shaft line alignment, alignment of the hydraulic pump.

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